Vbelt A40/4L420 Classic Belt (1/2" x 42")


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Classic v-belts are just that, classic in design and application. The classic v-belt is the most tried and true style of v-belt in the market. Originally designed to replace leather belts in a variety of industries including agriculture, facility maintenance, heating ventalation and air conditioning (HVAC) and material handling. Also known as light duty v-belts, they are designed with a 40Ì° angle to "wedge" the belt into the groove of the pulley. The greater the load, the greater the wedging action. The manufacturing process combines a rubber compound with a polyester cord to increase strength and stability. Most classic belts are also available in Kevlar.

This 42 inch A40 classic v-belt is suitable for all standard industrial applications. Standard operating temperatures ranging from -1Ì° F through 158Ì° F.
ISO:9001 Certified

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